I've added today a new pod that would show download counts for my open source projects and of course it should not be cached, so that the numbers to be real time. I've tried hard to find a way to do it in BlogCFC but i just can't figure it out.
I've tried to delete from this new pod the
<cfmodule template="../../tags/scopecache.cfm" cachename="new_pod" scope="application" timeout="100">
code. No luck.
I've tried to add
<cfmodule template="tags/scopecache.cfm" action="clear" scope="application" cachename="new_pod" />
to index.cfm but it was even worse. It removed the pod at all.
Maybe it's that i am slow Sunday at almost 2am (or should i say Monday) but i just can't figure it out.

Anyone have done this before or know how to do it? ANY help will be very welcome.