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While working on moving breadcrumbs from structure to struture, i used the descrption and example provided on, but aparently things does not really work as they are supposed to. If to take their example Books > Literature & Fiction > Classics and to paate it to Google Structured Data Testing Tool the result will come as Item type: property: breadcrumb: Books > Literature & Fiction > Classics which is not quite what we need. So, after some google found the solution on site and i believe it may be helpful to someone. Here is an example that will work just fine: Books Boring classics Bicycles For kids ...

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Maybe i am the last one to learn how to do it, but in case i am not, bellow are the details. Google recognizes the following breadcrumb properties which can be labeled using microdata. Property Description title The title of a breadcrumb. url The URL of a breadcrumb. child The next breadcrumb in the hierarchy. The child must be another Breadcrumb item. Let suppose you have the following HTML code describing a breadcrumb trail. <a href="">Dresses</a> --> <a href="">Real Dresses</a> --> <a href="">Real Green Dresses</a> Then, the same HTML code marked up with microdata will be: <div itemscope itemtype=""> <a href="" itemprop="url"> <span itemprop="title">Dresses</span> </a> --> <div itemscope itemty...

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I am not a permanent visitor of blogs about SEO, but time to time i do check on this and this weekend i came across a post from April that states that Google now use site speed in their search ranking algorithms. So what does this mean? Nothing if you not care about how well your site ranks in google search results and a lot if you do. Well, it seems like it doesn't influence TOO much the results right now (if any), but they started to use it, so things will change. While site speed is a new signal, it doesn't carry as much weight as the relevance of a page. Currently, fewer than 1% of search queries are affected by the site speed signal in our implementation and the signal for site speed only applies for visitors searching in English on at this point. We launched this change a few weeks back after rigorous testing. If you haven't seen much change to your site rankings, then this site speed change possibly did not impact your site. We encourage you to start looking at...

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Yet another tool to get a list of keywords from the provided text. It will return keywords with up to 4 words that was used at least twice in the text. An early version of it i use on this blog and it does help to get good positions in search engines without any additional promotion. For those interested, HERE is the link....

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