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Lately i started thinking on my income for retirement and realized i need a source of side income flow. After research i found about such a thing as robo-advisors. As per Wikipedia Robo-advisors or Robo-advisers are a class of financial adviser that provide financial advice or Investment management online with moderate to minimal human intervention. They provide digital financial advice based on mathematical rules or algorithms. These algorithms are executed by software and thus financial advice do not require a human advisor. The software utilizes its algorithms to automatically allocate, manage and optimize clients' assets. There are a lot of them (apparently over 100) right now, but after searcg and research, for myself, i've choosed Wealthsimple and here is why: it's among the best and biggest it's super easy you get a fully diversified portfolio across 10 asset classes based on your personal risk tolerance will handle it all: trading, cash, movements and state...

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Posted At : Mar 17, 2010 19:57 PM | Posted By : Ed Tabara
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For some time i've been using Chitika as Ads Provider. Initially things were going not too bad and each click was bringing about 11 cents. Yes, not much, but when before there was usually between 1 cent and 3 cents per click with AdSence, it wasn't so bad. But then suddenly, without any particular reason, prices dropped to 2-3 cents per click and then by some mystical reason all clicks disappeared. And when i say all clicks, i mean ALL CLICKS. Of course it may happen time to time, but..... not for over 2 weeks in a row while before there was clicks each or almost each day. So, hmmm this was a bit weird. I did some googling and seems like over last years there was many people having issues with Chitika, even from big Publishers. So, what a ...., i decided just to stop serving Chitika ads at all. Guess it's time to try some other Ads Providers :)...

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I started it iniatially as i comment to Ben Nadel's post, but it became too big as you may see so i thought to make it a separate post here. Money isn't everything because WE make money and not MONEY make us. At least that is the approach i use in my life. But it doesn't mean you have to work for free, so we make assumptions on what money we need, or want, and so create expectations. Is perfect when the expectations become true, but often they don't. In such situations we may feel somehow offended. It may happen if we have too big expectations, or if your employer has a different view on such things, or it may be even if the company is not as much thinking about employees as employees think it does. For me persnally i decided that it's bad to have assumptions and expectations for a too long period from a company you work for. I'll give an example. Some years ago 3 guys had an idea to make a web site that would help them get some extra contracts per month and so not just to guarante...

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Let me say it from the start: i put it here for latter reference for myself. Ok.. first of all some blog stats: Number of posts:   9 Number of comments:   29 My Open Source Projects Downloads:   160 Posts viewed:   163 Total unique IPs(306 known bots, robots, etc not included):   2,827 Total views(306 known bots, robots, etc not included):   15,855 Top 10 posts by views Online money - let's start   934 Want to see what your baby will look like?   599 Small change to Steve Bryant's script for adding a Web Site to IIS   527 I must be doing something right   514 Need a CF Telecommuter or know anyone that may need one?   510 DirectSatTV Offer Great Satellite TV Experience   479 Change Your Life - Use Reality Transerfing!  ...

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Guys, if any of you knows someone that may be interested in telecommute CF-ers, please let me know by either a comment here or by contacting me by email: 1smartsolution at gmail dot com....

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Posted At : Jan 05, 2009 18:59 PM | Posted By : Ed Tabara
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Yep! Exactly as written i the title. About a month ago i started my journey into internet profit. I've read some blogs and articles on the matter, registered with some affiliate programs and... started. First i tried to place on this blog some advertising from different providers, but very fast i turned them off because they was increasing page loading times and left only the links from google. Same time i moved my blog from to . Not particularly because this would give me something profit wise, but just because the second link look prettier. Don't know if because of this or because any other reason, but my PR grew to 4 after the drop to 3 that happened few months ago. Other ideas of my game-plan was to make some sites for traffic generation and also to try to generate some revenue from sales affiliation (starting with my amazon storethat ultimately i would like to grow into a service for everyone interested in similar ...

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Posted At : Dec 09, 2008 13:30 PM | Posted By : Ed Tabara
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I am sure many of us heard and some even used services like AdSense, AdBrite, etc but i want to talk here about some others. For begining let's start with WidgetBucks. They heralds itself as the ultimate Google AdSense alternative. Publisher program inserts dynamic ads that cycle through products in real-time. With WidgetBucks, your income structure is based on pay-per-click model, where you are paid for each click made on an ad by a legitimate website visitor. Their ads are shown as Adobe Flash widgets that are called by a JavaScript placed on your site. And the Adobe Flash of course make it look REALLY eye catching. There doesn't seem to be a LOT of size options for the ads, but still there is fro where to make a choice. If you find it interesting, go register and try WidgetBucks yourself. I doubt any of us don't have a digital camera this days. Did you know you can make some money online with the pictures you took? And example of such a site would be Fotolia. All you ne...

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