At this moment there are 6 different options for cache refresh in 1ssBlog:

  • Refresh App Cache - will refresh the entire application. Pretty much it would be like if it would be the first run after ColdFusion restart.
  • Refresh Posts Cache - this will refresh only the posts. So, when you add a new entry, this would be the choice.
  • Refresh Pods Cache - will refresh only the pods. For example it would be helpfull when a new pod is added or some settings of current pods are changed.
  • Refresh Bad Words Cache - as said, will refresh the Bad Words set on the Settings page.
  • Refresh Bad IP Cache - will refresh the Bad IPs set on the Settings page.
  • Refresh Smiles Cache - if you add, delete or update some smiles images, this will be the one to go.

If anyone think any other cache refreshing options are needed, let me know.