One of the things i like in 1ssBlog is the option to use pretty much any caching mechanism you want. Because this was one of the main ideas behind the whole thing, it was done from the start. So, what you will have to do in order to use a new caching mechanism with you 1ssBlog instance, is to make sure it have the following methods:

  • cacheInit - will initialize your caching mechanism.
  • cacheSetElement - will set an elemnt to the given value.
  • cacheGetElement - will return the value of the requested cached element.
  • cacheRemoveElement - will remove from the cache the given element.
  • cacheShutdown - will delete all your cached elements.

If any of the above functions are not needed, just make them empty.
The CFC for your caching mechanism should be placed into the com/caching folder and then the right location set in the Settings page of your admin backoffice. And finally use the "Refresh App Cache" lick to reload your application with cache and everything else.

Right now you have 3 options to use for caching mechanism:

  • com.caching.appCache - nothing fancy but made by me, so it's used as the default one hehe
  • com.caching.softcache - softcache by Ashwin Mathew
  • com.caching.universalmind.ehCache.ehCacheManager - ColdFusion version for ehCache by Andrew Powell

In a more or less near time i will try to make it possible for memcache to be used as well. But if anyone will make it before that or will create the interface for other caching mechanisms to be used with 1ssBlog i would love to know about that too and if the author will be fine with that it will can be added to the package.