I am happy to annouce 1ssBlog - a ColdFusion based blogging engine.

It will allow you very easy to add and change the skins of your blog. To create and add pods to it is very easy as well. Based on your skin, you can have pods at left, at right and/or at bottom. 1ssBlog come with 16 pods and more will come in the future. From the admin backoffice the cache can be refreshed as for the entire application, so for some parts of it as well.

If you are currently running BlogCFC, there is a simple way to import data from there, so you will not lose your entries, comments, etc.

This is the very first version, so please don't be too mad if you will find anything not working or working wrong. just drop me an email and things will be fixed. If anyone will have ideas of new features, or will create new pods and skins, or will find bugs - please let me know about that.

 This being said, i will just add: ENJOY!