Posted At : Mar 23, 2010 21:21 PM | Posted By : Ed Tabara
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For quite long time i was seeing the CPU unexpectedly jumping to 50% on a dual-core. And sometimes ColdFusion Server even was starting to not respond. I supposed it may be the bots as there was a couple of sites on the server but still this didn't seem right. So i made sure the sessions to be ended if it was a bot, thx to the robotslist (this reminds me that it's been years since i've updated that list so need to find some time to do it). But this didn't help. As i didn't have enough time to spend on it, at that time i just made a scheduled task that at particular periods was restarting CF Server (yeah and SQL Server as well because it worth spending a couple more seconds on it but cleaning a bit the resources). This "solved" the problem except for the users that happened to access the sites at that times. Recently i've got some available time so thought to dig some into this issue. First i found information that this happens to some folks having CF and Symantec AntiVirus installed...

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Posted At : Jan 05, 2010 18:12 PM | Posted By : Ed Tabara
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Posts - 56 (29 of them being in december) Comments - 60 (18 being my answers) Total views - 118758 (15280 in december) Unique views - 25415 (2910 in december) My open source projects downloads: 1939 1ssBlog - 351 cfWatcher2.1 - 324 cfFirewall - 256 cfWatcher1 - 203 cfHSSF - 201 cfSQLMaster - 138 mollom - 115 robots - 114 defensio - 79 yahooSiteExplorer - 75 1ssBlog1Update1 - 43 1ssBlog1Update2 - 40 Top 10 posts by views: 20725 - Making your Database fly 9978 - Parsing Large XML files 8964 - Presenting Mollom - a quality-assessment and spam-filtering service 5523 - ColdFusion 8 price madness 4953 - Want to see what your baby will look like? 3233 - Hack Alexa rating to see where ColdFusion (CFML) site are located 2708 - How to make your blog profitable 2482 - Change Your Life - Use Reality Transerfing! 2319 - What is this Transerfing of Reality anyway? 2104 - Using CTE (Common Table Expression) For SQL Recursion Top 10 posts...

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Posted At : Jan 21, 2008 17:02 PM | Posted By : Ed Tabara
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Lately i took some time to check the logs and i've noticed that a lot of cfWatcher downloads does not happen because bad email addresses added or people just don't want to leave their info. I guess they are afraid of spam or something like that. So i just removed that step and cfWatcher1 as well as cfWatcher2.1 can be downloaded now without the need to leave the name and email address. Enjoy!...

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Posted At : Dec 18, 2007 18:33 PM | Posted By : Ed Tabara
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The 2007 CFeMmy voting began. You have time only till this Friday (12/21) to make your choice. Please hurry. I am nominated in "Best Blog" and "Best Newcomer (CF Blog that started in 2007)" with this blog and in "Best OS Project (Built in CF)" with cfWatcher. Too bad cfFirewall didn't make it in nominations, but the 3 nominations i've got are with 3 more than i thought i will have. So i am more than happy. :) Thanks to everyone that nominated my blog and my project and an anticipated thanks to anyone that will vote for me. Good Luck to all participants....

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Posted At : Oct 01, 2007 10:13 AM | Posted By : Ed Tabara
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Last night i was playing with a new pod that would show the download counts of my open source projects. And it looks like there was already 1066 downloads. It seem like a nice count to me. cfWatcher - 415, cfHSSF - 301, cfFirewall - 191, etc. The weird thing is that, in all this time, there was no comments on how it work or how it help someone in their work. And even no requests for improvements (except only a couple of emails with problems unzipping the files, problems running cfWatcher2 on Java 1.4 and maybe a couple of other emails). And i bet it's not because i or this open source projects are so perfect. :) So, the questions are: Did someone use any of this projects? Did any of this projects help someone in their work? Is there anything that would be good to be changed or added to this projects? or at least... is ANYONE happy or pleased with any of this projects? And if yes, why? ...

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Posted At : May 06, 2007 10:31 AM | Posted By : Ed Tabara
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I've installed today the latest version of ColdFire. I must say it's a great application. But when trying to make cfWatcher work with it, i realised that i would LOVE to see in it the possibility it to allow an arbitrary list of input fields. For example i've tryed to pass additional fields to the GENERAL tab. Their values DID appear, but all had "undefined" as name. When trying to pass arbitrary fields to other tabs it would not even show the info. I DO hope it will be possible in the next release. :)...

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Posted At : Mar 10, 2007 8:32 AM | Posted By : Ed Tabara
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oooooook Finally got some time to make some fixes and enhancements to cfWatcher2. Anyone interested, can find it here. ...

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