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According to iMPERVA In December 2009, a major password breach occurred that led to the release of 32 million passwords. Further, the hacker posted to the Internet the full list of the 32 million passwords (with no other identifiable information). Passwords were stored in cleartext in the database and were extracted through a SQL Injection vulnerability. The data provides a unique glimpse into the way that users select passwords and an opportunity to evaluate the true strength of these as a security mechanism. In the past, password studies have focused mostly on surveys. Never before has there been such a high volume of real-world passwords to examine. The Imperva Application Defense Center (ADC) analyzed the strength of the passwords and here is what they found: About 30% of users chose passwords whose length is equal or below six characters. Moreover, almost 60% of users chose their passwords from a limited set of alpha-numeric characters. Nearly 50% of users used n...

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Posts - 56 (29 of them being in december) Comments - 60 (18 being my answers) Total views - 118758 (15280 in december) Unique views - 25415 (2910 in december) My open source projects downloads: 1939 1ssBlog - 351 cfWatcher2.1 - 324 cfFirewall - 256 cfWatcher1 - 203 cfHSSF - 201 cfSQLMaster - 138 mollom - 115 robots - 114 defensio - 79 yahooSiteExplorer - 75 1ssBlog1Update1 - 43 1ssBlog1Update2 - 40 Top 10 posts by views: 20725 - Making your Database fly 9978 - Parsing Large XML files 8964 - Presenting Mollom - a quality-assessment and spam-filtering service 5523 - ColdFusion 8 price madness 4953 - Want to see what your baby will look like? 3233 - Hack Alexa rating to see where ColdFusion (CFML) site are located 2708 - How to make your blog profitable 2482 - Change Your Life - Use Reality Transerfing! 2319 - What is this Transerfing of Reality anyway? 2104 - Using CTE (Common Table Expression) For SQL Recursion Top 10 posts...

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Let me say it from the start: i put it here for latter reference for myself. Ok.. first of all some blog stats: Number of posts:   9 Number of comments:   29 My Open Source Projects Downloads:   160 Posts viewed:   163 Total unique IPs(306 known bots, robots, etc not included):   2,827 Total views(306 known bots, robots, etc not included):   15,855 Top 10 posts by views Online money - let's start   934 Want to see what your baby will look like?   599 Small change to Steve Bryant's script for adding a Web Site to IIS   527 I must be doing something right   514 Need a CF Telecommuter or know anyone that may need one?   510 DirectSatTV Offer Great Satellite TV Experience   479 Change Your Life - Use Reality Transerfing!  ...

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Got an email from amazon today with this list of Gift Ideas. So if anyone is interested, welcome.Samsung Touch of Color T260HD 26-Inch LCD HDTV Monitor- Beautiful inside and out, the Samsung Touch Of Color Monitor is a great way to get the most out of your PC--as well as watch your favorite 1080p HDTV broadcasts. It features an embedded DTV tuner that enables you to watch digital HD broadcasts without a special receiving set. And with six image input terminals, you can connect several pieces of digital equipment to the T260HD and use them simultaneously Citizen Eco-Drive Men's Chronograph Canvas Watchis powered by the Eco-Drive movement, which runs continuously in any kind of natural or artificial light for a lifetime of use. Fueled by light, it never needs a battery. This watch has a stainless steel case, military green strap, and a 1 second chronograph and 12/24 hour time indicator. 14k Gold, Round, Diamond Stud Earrings-Extra 40% Off at Checkout. Simple enough for daytime wear, ...

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Are you sure you want to know that? If still here, then check the Volkswagen site. It's hilarious and creepy at the same time. You put in your and your partner photos , and you'll see what your child would look like. Check it out and have some laugh. :) Ah! and btw, it seems like the site is done with Flex Here is one version of my hypothetical future baby. ...

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Ok. Finally my brand new desk is done and ready for work. :) Here is this baby: ...

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