Last night i was playing with a new pod that would show the download counts of my open source projects. And it looks like there was already 1066 downloads. It seem like a nice count to me.
cfWatcher - 415, cfHSSF - 301, cfFirewall - 191, etc.

The weird thing is that, in all this time, there was no comments on how it work or how it help someone in their work. And even no requests for improvements (except only a couple of emails with problems unzipping the files, problems running cfWatcher2 on Java 1.4 and maybe a couple of other emails). And i bet it's not because i or this open source projects are so perfect.

So, the questions are:
Did someone use any of this projects?
Did any of this projects help someone in their work?
Is there anything that would be good to be changed or added to this projects?
or at least... is ANYONE happy or pleased with any of this projects? And if yes, why?