Ok. After writing my previous post i had a chance to go over other blogs posts and IT IS NOT JUST ME who think that's insane to grow the price instead of making it more "customer comfortable". I would hope they saying "GUYS! We are SO sorry. there has happened an error on the page. the price should be $4,799 instead of $7,499" but it just is not going to happen.

Too bad... TOO bad!
I know i am not the only one wishing ColdFusion to become more hmmm "customer comfortable" in price meaning. No, not free for sure. But lower in price. MUCH lower. And probably even zero cost for Adobe ColdFusion 8 Standard edition. In the last months there was more than enough similar posts and can't really remember posts where people would say a price increase is a good idea. Not even many posts (i remember just a couple) or comments where people would say the current price is perfect. So. yeah.. Adobe does not seem to listen to the community. Yes i can understand this is their business and they manage it as they want to. Maybe they even have some great plan on how it really will make ColdFusion a leader in the branch. But... personally i don't see such a way. And i am afraid this is not going to happen with such an attitude in the current millennium.