A bit over one week ago, Pete Freitag announced about a comming Web Application Firewall for ColdFusion. I think this is a very good idea and i see places to use it. But being impatient about something i would really want to see and try, and having some free time last week end, i thought i would do something similar while waiting to see what Pete will come with.

What i've got is a small application that allow:
1) Define allowed IPs (the list of IPs that can access your site)
2) Define denied IPs (the lists of IPs that can't access your site)
3) Define allowed scripts (the list of cfml scripts that can be accessed directly)
4) Define bad strings (the lists of strings/words that you don't want to get in through URL, COOKIE, FORM structures). Probably this is more appropiate for forum applications so may be of less usage though.
5) Define RegEx expressions that would allow you to replace some strings with other strings. (something similar to the "Enable Global Script Protection" option in CF Admin, but allowing you to set any RegEx expressions you want)
6) A settings page that will allow to enable/disable any of the named tools as well as the option to "Auto Block IPs" that got catched by the point 4 or 5, an option to have a hard log (file log), the possibility to set the message that is displayed to the customer whos IP is not allowed.
7) A dynamic log of catched problems (the size of this log can be defined in the Settings page).
8) A link that will reload the data to the application scope of the "watched" site.

It's almost 3am here already, but tomorrow I am going to put together some short documentation and make this tool available through 1SmartSolution and RiaForge.

But i REALLY would be interested to know if someone find such a tool usefull (based on the above description). And to know if someone have any other ideas of what such a tool would be good to have.