I am doing ColdFusion development for 17 years and this is the first time it take me SO long to find a full-time remote position. Over 15 of this years i've worked for US based companies from Europe and it never was a very big problem to find the next position. Yes, there was pauses of course between long-term relationships with companies and i was working per project, but never too long. And this was from Europe where we had a big time difference and i had to work US working hours (imagine all time finishing the work at 1am-3am hehe).

Almost 2 years ago I moved to Canada and I imagined that finding remote positions will be much easier, right? I mean, no or minimal time difference, easy to reach me by phone when needed and not just skype and emails, etc. Right? NOPE, not right at all! Till last June it wasn't a problem as i worked for a NY based company, but then they didn't get a contract that was expected and the devs was fired. And from that time, for over 9 months i am STILL actively searching for a new remote full-time position. Yes, there is a company that i am doing tasks for when they need it and there are projects that i catch time to time, but this is different. I am used to work with a particular company for many years in a row and i like that. For me it's good because it's more stable and for the company is good because they have a devoted developer that do whatever is needed and when is needed. And let's face it, the work done by remote devs usually is much more productive as they don't have pals around to get disturbed, they don't need to participate in most of the small and big meetings (needed and not really), etc. Plus the remote devs are cheaper and don't forget that they don't get all kind of things like benefits and so on. So why most of the companies think that if the developer will work in their office it will be better? I don't get it.

I continuously apply to a bunch of jobs that don't say directly that they need only US workers and i get many calls both from recruiters and direct companies, but they all want me to move to US. Even a couple that was considering remote workers and we had excellent phone/skype interviews till the end decided to hire less experienced but local candidates. WHY??? I do agree that growing your own developers is great, but that's when you can't find a better one at the "price" you are ready to pay, no? C'mon, is it better to get a much less experienced developer and pay him same or even more + benefits + etc instead of hiring a better dev just because the first one is local?

No words...

Ok, back to hunting for me. And if anyone knows or work for a company that is interested in a remote CF developer i would LOVE to be considered