No idea if it happened only to me, but installation for ColdFusion 9 Update 1 was the worst from any ColdFusion related installations i did in over 10 years.
First, right after i installed it, i started to get "The DataSource service is not available" errors when trying to load ColdFusion Admin and if trying to open one of the sites, was getting errors about related Datasource not existing. I tried starting/stopping/restarting services. I tried to check the size of "neo-*.xml" files. I tried to restart the server itself. I tried anything that came in my mind at that moment, but NOTHING helped.
Then i tried to reinstall this Update. (yes, without to taking down the previous try). Weird, but that error went away. And i was able to get into ColdFusion Administrator without problems. But started to get other errors when trying to load a site on the server: "The tag handler query does not have a setter for the attribute ormOptions specified in the Tag Library Descriptor" and it was pointing to lines where CreateObject being used first time. And again, i wasn't able to find a solution to it.
Then i found this link and used the process described there as "Uninstall Update 1 from a ColdFusion 9 server configuration on Windows". And yes, did try to restart services AND the server itself, but again without any success.
So, after pulling off my hair for some time, i just uninstalled ColdFusion and installed it from scratch but this time without the Update.

It was far from being my first ColdFusion related installation, but it was indeed a total nightmare.