For some time i've been using Chitika as Ads Provider. Initially things were going not too bad and each click was bringing about 11 cents. Yes, not much, but when before there was usually between 1 cent and 3 cents per click with AdSence, it wasn't so bad. But then suddenly, without any particular reason, prices dropped to 2-3 cents per click and then by some mystical reason all clicks disappeared. And when i say all clicks, i mean ALL CLICKS. Of course it may happen time to time, but..... not for over 2 weeks in a row while before there was clicks each or almost each day. So, hmmm this was a bit weird. I did some googling and seems like over last years there was many people having issues with Chitika, even from big Publishers. So, what a ...., i decided just to stop serving Chitika ads at all.
Guess it's time to try some other Ads Providers