Found a couple of pages translated into english. So, if someone is still thinking if to get or not into Transerfing of Reality, feel free to read thisfirst.
And hereis some more on this. It's the chapter about Pendulums and i can assure you that it's worth reading.

Also found a translated to english interview with Vadim Zeland (the one who wrote the books on Reality of Transerfinf):

Q. Who is Vadim Zeland?
When asked by the intrigued readers "Who are you, Vadim Zeland?", I usually reply "I'm no one (special)". My biography (life) cannot and should not be of any interest, as it was not me, who created Transurfing, I merely channel the ancient knowledge that gives access to a world in which the impossible becomes possible. If one follows certain rules, the usual reality stops being something completely external and uncontrollable, - one can learn to rule it! And to channel that knowledge without any personal distortions, I really ought to be "nobody", just "an empty vessel". The great mystery is still secret just because it is incredibly simple ? the truth lies on the surface, and it requires just a carrier to bring that truth to people. In this case a personality does not matter. What is of true interest is (are?) the custodians who have passed me the ancient knowledge. However, they tend to keep in the background, too. I am 45years old. Before the collapse of the Soviet Union I did research in quantum physics, then I was engaged in computer technologies, and now I am a full-time author. I live in Russia. All the rest does not matter.

Q. How did the idea of Transurfing come to you?
Transurfing is not an idea, and it did not emerge from anywhere. It is ancient knowledge that has reached us from distant millennia. The knowledge was given to me, and I am still receiving it transcendentally. Nobody had ever taught it to me, nor had I ever read about it. The information just comes to me of its own accord ? I cannot explain the way it happens. I am an ordinary person, who never communicates to any spirits or aliens. The only personality that I could call my Teacher is the Observer ? he is one of the custodians of the ancient Knowledge, who once appeared in my dream. After that there came an information flow. The meeting with the Observer is described in the beginning of the book "Reality Transurfing". My life has changed ever since: suddenly, for no reason at all, a former physicist who was not endowed with any special abilities, took up writing?

Q. What prompted you to write this book? (or the series of books)
The turning point must have come when I realized what a mess I had made of my life. I should have read my own book "Reality Transurfing" some twentyfive years before! My life could have been entirely different then, a lot easier and regular. In that case, though, I would not have been able to write this book? But at that time, after I had led a wild and uncontrolled life, I started getting loads of information through a mysterious channel. All my life I had practised anti-Transurfing, i.e. I had done everything just the wrong way out. A clever man learns from other people's mistakes, but a fool always learns from his own ones. In this sense I had been a headstrong fool. Which lesson do you think is learnt better: that of one's own or that of another person? A clever man merely knows what is right and what is wrong. He has got the information, but he does not feel the very essence of his mistakes as does the fool, whose soul gets deeply pained with every life bump. Only a fool seems to be able to turn into a conveyor of Knowledge.

Q. What readership is the book intended for?
Judging by my readers' letters, neither geography, nor age or social status matter. It is necessary to note that Knowledge is not meant for all. Not everyone is ready to accept it, as Transurfing goes beyond the ordinary way of seeing the world. People can dream deeply while awake, even if they are unaware of being so. It is an established fact that only those who are able to wake up can perceive Transurfing. As a rule, the books are admired by some readers and are wholeheartedly rejected by others. However, numerous letters of gratitude prove that my opponents are in the minority.

Q. What is the "model of variations"?
Reality has two forms: a physical form that can be touched, and a metaphysical one that is beyond perception, but is still no less objective. In a sense, the world is a boundless dual mirror, on one side of which there is the material Universe, on the other side there is a metaphysical space of variations ? an information structure storing scenarios of all possible events. The number of variations is infinite, similar to an infinite set of possible points on a coordinate plane. There is a record of all past, present and future events, and it is from the space of variations that our dreams come, as do clairvoyance, intuitive knowledge and insight. Under certain energy conditions thoughts can materialize in any sector in the space of variations. In a special state that Transurfing calls a unity of mind and soul, a mysterious force is born ? an external intention. If certain rules are followed, this force will fulfill an "order" ? it will realize that which you have conceived or created.

Q. Is this book just another self-improvement technique?
Transurfing is not a self-improvement technique, but a way of thinking and acting so as to get what you want. Not to strive for it, but just get. And it is not about changing oneself, it is about coming back to one's true self. It is quite simple. The world is like a mirror, it reflects your attitude to it. If you are dissatisfied with the world, it will reflect that dissatisfaction back onto you. If you fight against it, it will fight against you. When you stop fighting, the world will meet your wishes. Should you dare to have what you wish, the external intention will find a way to give it to you. Then one day a miracle will happen, but it will seem a "miracle" only to others, not to you. Are you desperate for something special? Stop being desperate for it, you are going to get it anyway. You had better think in the way that you are just taking what belongs to you. You are taking it without asking or insisting. You want it, don't you? So, what is the problem? You will get it. Society imposes a different scenario on you. You are forced to fight in order to attain a goal. You should declare war on yourself and the world. It is suggested to you that you are not perfect, so you will not attain your goals until you yourself change. After changing yourself, you should join the battle to earn your place in the sun. This scenario has a single aim of taking out your energy and driving you into a matrix cell. Fighting with yourself, you give your energy to the matrix. If you join the battle with the world, you are doing absolutely the same. Have you gained in this battle? Every day you go despondently to your boring and tiresome job, or you see college as drudgery. And what about someone who is enjoying himself at a ski resort or is lying in the sun beside the sea right at this moment? Maybe they have won their battle? Are they enjoying themselves as a result of that? For many fighters in this battle, despite all their efforts, a lifetime is not enough to save a sufficient sum of money to go to a ski resort. Transurfing offers a radically different way. You should stop fighting for a place in the sun, stand up and walk your own way ? you should just dare to have. The book "Reality Transurfing" tells you how to do that.

Q. What makes this book work where others haven't?
For example, the book is often compared to works of Carlos Castaneda, perhaps due to a partial similarity in terms. However, "Warrior's way", known from the books of Carlos Castaneda and Teun Marez is no Transurfing at all, but a radically different doctrine practiced by the Toltecs, an ancient Mexican tribe. Someone who thinks these two teachings similar, does not properly understand either of them. In spite of the fact that both of these teachings lead to freedom, when the world obeys you, the ways to freedom run in different directions: the followers of Toltecos try to make the world obey, while transurfers try to allow the world to obey. It is apparent, that the methods of achieving the goal are basically different.

Q. How does your book differ from The Secret?
The only distinction is that the same Knowledge is considered from different points of view. As a matter of fact, if we compare various teachings, we could go as far as The Upanishads, but what is the sense of this? All this Knowledge originates from a single source. For the same reason, the same discoveries are often made by different people independently, and a lot of new trends arise at various points of the planet simultaneously. Try to find a teaching that would not have anything in common with the other teachings! If you do find it, it will apply to a different reality. But the human mind is not capable of creating anything new that would not apply to our world. Sooner or later, even science fiction comes true. Science-fiction writers depict a reality that may not be true yet. Actually, all these ideas and images, as well as dreams, are not products of a human mind ? they are stationary and exist objectively in the integral information field. "Teachers" and ordinary people have access to the same data base. It is as simple as that: go to a library and take any books you like, from any shelves. On one condition: you need to believe in your own abilities, use your right to access to Knowledge, next - you need to intend to get it. Ask yourself questions, dare answer them yourself. He, who dares, makes discoveries, composes music, writes books, creates masterpieces in various fields. Knowledge opens up to those who have declared their intention to take it on board.

Q. How has the theory worked for you?
It goes without saying that if I had not experienced Transurfing myself (if I had not known Transurfing from direct experience), I would not be able to explain to others how it works. The technique works faultlessly, with the results, as a rule, being beyond expectations. It is quite often that extraordinary things happen. Even though these miracles can be explained in terms of Transurfing , I can never get used to them and keep wondering: can that be possible? Anyone, who has ever tried controlling reality by the force of his intention, feels the same ? he is amazed and enraptured. Amazed, as an ordinary mind is used to perceiving reality as something external and existing beyond our will. Enraptured, as a person stops feeling small and unimportant, depending on circumstances, and starts creating his own world

Q. How long did it take you to develop the Transurfing theory?
It was not me, who developed the Transurfing theory ? it existed in the space of variations, and it still does. My task was just to "read it from the space". It can seem strange that I never write a book in a logical sequence, from the beginning to the end, but I write it, so to speak, simultaneously: all chapters at the same time. I usually have a lot of separate thoughts that come to my mind spontaneously, and I put them to paper. When a sufficient amount of these pieces has been collected, they somehow develop into an overall picture, and it is only a matter of time to combine them into a whole and edit. This is the usual way my book is written, almost like mosaic. It normally takes me a year or eighteen months to write a book. I have never measured my productivity, but I can be idle up to several weeks, when I cannot write a single page. And it is for a reason. If I try to work consciously, i.e. think logically, I get nowhere, as if some force were holding me tightly until I finally get the message. Genuine knowledge comes by itself, without my noticing, somewhere from the bottom of my soul. I am not able to invent things.

Q. Is this theory difficult to follow?
Transurfing is both a simple and efficient technology of controlling reality. It is aimed at the average person, who does not possess any unique abilities. I get plenty of letters from readers, who reach a unanimous conclusion: Transurfing improves quality of life. The results differ from person to person, everyone gets what he has ordered, be it a job, a big salary, or a car, or a flat. Some find their soul mates, others get rid of problems and complexes etc.

Q. How is it possible to simply "get what one desires"?
If I try to formulate the essence of Transurfing in general, your world is what you think of it. The world is like a mirror, it reflects your attitude to it. If one is convinced that the best bargains have already been sold out, he does find empty shelves. If he believes that a good article is worth queuing up for and paying a big sum of money, he is bound to do so. If his expectations are pessimistic and full of doubts, they are certain to come true. And if a person expects to meet an unfriendly environment, his misgivings are realized.
But the moment he is inspired with an innocent thought that the world has reserved the very best for him, it starts working for some reason. An odd guy (an oddity?), who has no idea it takes great pains to get anything in this world, inexplicably is the first one at a counter with the best goods as if they were just meant for him. Then it turns out that the first client gets the goods free of charge! Behind him there is a long queue of those, who believe in gaunt reality and think that fools have all the luck. Should that lucky fool change his attitude to the world due to "gaunt reality", the reality will naturally change, too, and send "the enlightened" to the very end of the queue.
Transurfing is a real eye-opener at the illusiveness of the outer world, the main illusion being an independent and uncontrollable reality. In fact, man can shape his own reality. To be able to do that, he should follow certain rules. The details are in the book "Reality Transurfing".

Q. You say in your book we have the freedom of choice and talk about similar variations. What should I do if I choose the wrong life track or a "too similar" variation?
Within the limits of the interview I can give a useful principle that is called intention coordination. Like any other movement of matter, a human lifetime is a chain of causes and effects. In the space of variations, an effect is always situated close to its cause. Just like the former results from the latter, the neighbouring sectors are arranged in a life line. Each event in a lifetime has two branches, one of them going in a favourable direction, the other one going in an unfavourable direction. Every time you face a certain event, you choose the way of treating it. If you treat it as a positive event, you get to the favourable branch of the life line. But the inclination to negative thinking makes you complain and choose the unfavourable branch. The moment you are annoyed and irritated, you will get a new trouble. So, it goes like that: it never rains, but it pours. But the downpour does not flow from the first trouble, it results from your attitude to it. The regularity is formed by the choice you make at the fork in the life road.
The principle of intention coordination consists in the following: if you intend to regard a seemingly negative event as a positive one, it will be so. Remember: no matter how hard it can be right now, the future has a very pleasant surprise in store for you, provided you are maintaining coordination. You should tell yourself before every test (trial?): if I make it ? fine, if I do not make it ? that is fine, too. If you did not manage some thing, you must have avoided some other, unknown problems. With a light heart, you should go meet your destiny, the destiny created by yourself. From now on, whatever happens ? is for the better.

Q. So is the book just about positive thinking?
It is not ordinary optimism, it is a special skill of intentional management of the reality. Even if you were three times optimist (over-optimistic), you will not be able to maintain your pep, in case you are sane. An optimist just hopes for the best, but he does it unconsciously, due to his nature. What if I am a pessimist? Can it be possible to convince me by the trite "Everything is going to be all right"? I need more than that. Why is it going to be all right?
I, for one, am a pessimist. This fact used to spoil my life until I started to control my attitude to the reality. If something unpleasant occurs in my life, I turn it "upside down" and declare it quite consciously a pleasant thing. It works one hundred per cent. Eventually, everything is really all right, because, given the proper attitude, the course of events in this case is always directed to the favourable life line. Now it is me, who controls the reality, and not the other way round.

Q. What message would you like the book to convey?
If I tried to explain that in short, the message could be lost on the readers. Actually, it is a subject for a whole article. So, my answer is going to be quite wordy.
First of all, the book presents the reader with a fait accompli so staggering, that not everyone can comprehend and accept it. It is always easier to live in an illusive, but comfortable world, than in a true, but scary reality. The illusion is that motivations and actions of man are supposedly controlled by his consciousness. In fact, it is not quite true. Or rather, entirely not true. Scientists take useless efforts researching human mentality (psychic?) as a separate object, as a property of a human mind. It is not about the structure of human mentality, it is about will. Human reason does not have any free will ? it is controlled from outside (from without?) It is controlled not by teachers, officials or bosses, but by structural elements (structures? entities? creatures? phenomena?) of the subtle world.
As is known, the energy of thought does not disappear completely. When groups of people start thinking in the same direction, the parameters of their mental waves become identical. Individual thought energies merge into one flow. In the middle of the energy ocean, information-based structures are created. These are pendulums, invisible, but real.
Having been born, pendulums start to develop independently. They tend to subjugate people, who are structural elements, to their will. They act unconsciously, as they have no reason. Pendulums cannot be characterized as some malicious forces. They remind parasitic plants, or pseudo-living programs. Being built into a structure, such programs determine (define?) its behaviour. Pendulums exist in the subtle world as superstructures over each human social group, be it a family, school, enterprise or state. It can seem incredible that people are not aware of acting in the interests of pendulums, even if they do it unintentionally. Nevertheless, it is a fact.
Any structure exists and develops not only as a result of intentional actions of people, who are its elements. A structure is ruled by a pendulum, like any work of an automatic mechanism is ruled by an algorithm. Members of the structure can perform free actions, but they are not free in their motives and, as a rule, have to act unintentionally in the interests of the structure. Pendulums feed on people's energy. When you are annoyed by something or indignant, you give energy to a pendulum. Everything that can cause your strong negative reactions is provoked by pendulums. Negative energy is their favourite dish. For instance, at the start of a football match there is a certain ball-shaped object hanging over the stadium. This ball is invisible for a human eye, as it exists in the subtle world. It starts to reach out for every fan with its real energy beams that are like feelers. As emotions are heated over the match, the pendulum is filled with the energy and grows until it becomes really huge. When the game is over, it is compressed to a small ball and flies away. What is horrible about it is that pendulums not only absorb energy, but also, in a subtle way, make people act so that they release more energy. If you are tense and worried about something, people around you are sure to do things that irritate you, and they will do that right now, when you want to be left alone.
Children start playing up, although they behaved themselves (they were quiet?) before. Someone who is at your side suddenly becomes a nuisance. All kinds of characters keep getting under your feet, pestering you with their problems. You are persistently being hindered by all kinds of obstacles. If you are waiting for someone impatiently, he will never come, if you do not feel like seeing anyone, they are certain to turn up, and so forth.
You can confirm that the world often gets on your nerves. Certainly, it depends, but on the whole, the main principle is as follows: if at a given moment something can make you lose your balance, as ill luck would have it, it will definitely happen.
Let's assume you are in a hurry, afraid of being late. From that moment everything starts working against you. People block your way, stalking along. You need to walk through the door quickly, and there appears a whole queue of idlers, who are hardly moving their legs. On the highway it is the same story with cars. There must be some plot against you.
This outer pressure is getting more and more intense with your irritation. The stronger the tension, the more active are people in their annoying you. What is of interest, is that they are not acting so deliberately; it does not even occur to them they could be in somebody's way (could disturb somebody). The matter is that the driving force, forming unconscious motives, is not inside a person's mentality, but beyond it.
So, a question arises: how to resist the influence of pendulums? For this purpose, you should stop being an oyster that reacts negatively to any irritant. In other words, you should stop maintaining consciousness and should not yield to provocations. Make a conscious effort to react to the irritants, and they will stop annoying you.
But there is more to come. There are much more significant and frightful things in the world, happening through the fault of pendulums. Wars, revolutions, fights for raw materials and sale markets, competition, terrorism ? all this is just a tip of the iceberg that you can see. In the invisible, subtle basis of these phenomena there is an incessant fight of pendulums. It is them who provoke practically all conflicts, because they feed on the energy of a conflict. On the other side of the dual mirror, in the subtle world, there are so many things you'd rather not know about.
You would probably ask, how can that be possible? After all, people are at war with each other on their own initiative, aren't they? Nevertheless, the real initiators are pendulums. Let us take as an example a relatively primitive structure ? an anthill. Science cannot provide an intelligible answer how the colony is run. It is surprising that in the anthill there is an accurate allocation of responsibilities, but there is no hierarchy. Then why are all the insects in an anthill as well-coordinated as an organization with centralized management? Ants communicate with each other by means of odorous substances ? pheromones. Smell paths help to find the way to food and home. But how is the information transferred to all the colony members simultaneously? Any higher forms of information exchange among ants are out of the question. Why use primitive qualities like smells then?
Well, what is it that unites separate members into an organized colony? A pendulum is. Simultaneously with the formation and development of a structure an information-based energy element is formed, which assumes (takes upon itself?) the functions of managing and stabilizing this structure. Between the pendulum and the elements of the structure there are direct and reverse bonds. A pendulum exists at the expense of the energy of its adherents and synchronizes their activities, uniting them into an organized community. The same is true of human society ? all processes are controlled by these subtle structural elements. The world is turning into a matrix by leaps and bounds, and this is not science fiction. Certainly, it is not like in a famous movie, where people are being grown in cells with cupules, their life being merely a virtual illusion. But the actual situation is quite close to that. In order to drive a person into a matrix, it is necessary to wind a net round him, a net built on dependence. Recently, there have appeared new types of dependence: food has turned into forage that causes obesity; virtual computer reality gave rise to game- and Internet-addiction; without mobile phones people suffer attacks of melancholy and loneliness. The worst thing is that a person, enslaved by a system, does not only lose freedom of choice, but he starts wanting exactly what the system wants.
So, these are the processes that are going on all over the world. That is why our objective is to preserve consciousness, so that we should not wake up in a matrix cell one day. We seem to be a sort of forage crops, which pendulums grow for their purposes. A human society is organized so that it cannot exist without pendulums. But they also need us. A reasonable person is able to use pendulums in his own aims. There are a lot of possibilities here, but it is a separate subject.

Q. You have written three books in the series Transurfing. Does the reader have to read them all to understand the theory and improve their life track?
In the series Transurfing nine volumes have been published altogether. Each new book uncovers new nuances. And there are many things that I have not spoken about. But of course, for a beginner it could be enough to read the first three volumes. It is important not only to read, but to put the new knowledge to practice. In this case, one can start making astonishing discoveries. Transurfing is a powerful technology of controlling reality, which opens a door into different world, where one is no longer a puppet, but the Master of his own Destiny