As answer to Isaac's comment on my previouspost about Reality Transerfing, i should say that Transerfing of Reality does have lot in common with "Law of Attraction"and there indeed are lot of parallels between Transerfing of Reality and Rhonda Byrne's "The Secret"film. You can find also similarities in Carlos Castaneda's "The Teachings of Don Juan", in Bible, Koran, Budhism, etc. Both religions and esoteric doctrines have differences, but they also have many similarities.
Global universal laws are common for everyone and it doesn't matter what method/model/way you have chosen. Reality Transurfing is just one of them. But this teaching have no authorities, regulations and dogmas. Even the author of the books,Vadim Zeland, does not attribute himself to the authorship of Transerfing. In first book he tell that he just had a dream where somebody gave him first directions and placed deep in his head the knowledge and long time after that he was getting this knowledge out piece by piece. You may say that it was just his own subconsciousness revealing to him. Or based on Transerfing it could be someone from the other side of the "World Mirror". In any way Zeland say that he is just a bearer, not a Guru or a Teacher and not in any way an Enlightened one.
The biggest merit of Vadim Zeland i see in explaining all this universal laws VERY well. In a clear, easy to understand language. He made a great job on creating a model.. a system, that not just explain why things happen as they happen but also give practical directions on how we can "choose" our "lines of reality". He went much farther than just talking about we having to be optimistic, believing in what we are doing and thing like that. The optimismand believingare great, BUT they both suppose some percent of not being sure. So he call it knowing. If we want something to be as we expect, we should just KNOW it will be so but same time being prepared it to not happen as we want. This allowing us to lower the importance of that thing for us. Some thing like "i know for SURE it will be so, but even if it will not, no big deal". Only when there is no importance put into that and still exist the knowledge of the fact that it will happen as you want it, we will have the "soul" and the "reason"(brain, logic... not sure how correctly to name it in english) working on the same frequency and moving hand by hand to the same goal. And this is the hardest part. Because our "reason" think he knows ALWAYS what he want and what is better, this not being true unfortunately. While the "soul" knows exactly what it does NOT want and very often knows what it want, but it's voice too few people can hear. Often we call it intuition. And there was LOT of experiments, researches, etc that shown that when the person do things based on his first impulse, before the brain to come into the game, he have more chances to take the right decision.
One of the basis thesis of Transurfing tells that a human being possesses only one freedom - the freedom of choice. And if we have the freedom of choice, who may forbid us to choose the world you want to live in, to choose any life or destiny. There are 2 ways to achieve our goals:
  1. to fightwith all our strength for what we believe should be our.. for our place under the Sun
  2. or we can just... chooseto HAVE that. Or in other words: allow our-self to have that
Almost all of us is going the first way. And there is nothing bad with it if we like it... it's an exciting game to play the whole life. The second approach is complex and difficult by its simplicity. The only condition is that you must be 100% resolute in your desires. The resolute should be so strong that the "desire" to become a "knowledge", a "fact". And in the moment when your body and your soul 100% agree and start moving hand by hand, the world around you changes. This explains why usually our worst expectations happen much more often than our wishes. When we are really afraid of something or don't want VERY much something to happen, our mind and our soul act as one and move in same direction. While when we just want something, usually the soul does not agree and we don't hear it, or the mind is not 100% sure on it and leave place for doubts. So, be very careful in your wishes and thoughts as they may come true.

But all i've talked about is just a very very small piece of what Transerfing is. There is place for looong talk on all this. Lot to share and lot to discuss. So for now i will stop here and just make 3 last notes:
  1. if anyone have anything to share on this matter, please do. I am very interested in what others think about all this or what personal experience they had, if any, on related matters.
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  3. if anyone think to give it a try, and by me it's more than a most do thing, i am posting below one more time the links to the books that has been translated to english.
  1. Reality Transurfing 1: The Space of Variations
  2. Reality Transurfing 2: A Rustle of Morning Stars
  3. Reality Transurfing 3: Ahead to the Past