With this entry i plan to start a series of posts on Reality Transurfing. This is a way of looking at reality and creating your own reality. You ask what i've smoked? Good question. I didn't. I have been presented to it by my brother just few months ago and was lucky enough to know russian (the originl language this model was created in) and to find 9 books on Reality Transurfingin audio format (not much time for real reading so God Bless the one that invented audio books!!!). It took me some time to really start "reading" this books, but after i did i was like WOW!!!!! Maybe a big effect on me had the fact that lot of what was there i knew and was using for years, but Zeland (the author) did a great job on putting things together, finding examples, explaining everything very well and creating a "model".
So... what is this Reality Transurfing about?
Reality Transurfing presents an exciting new model by which we may better understand the way we can free ourselves from even the most powerful collective thoughts... such as from fearful news stories broadcast by the media. Reality Transurfing provides simple solutions that anyone can understand for the kinds of real-life, complicated problems that everyone has." Cynthia Sue Larson

I didn't know till today, but in 2005 and 2006, Transurfing Reality was one of the top non-fiction bestellers in the world. It's really unknown in the West, i think only the first 3 books has been translated so far, but in Russia they have been sold in 2,500,000 copies in three years.

The good part about it is that it really works. I'm not kidding. First i have seen and read about it on many forums (in russian language from different ex-USSR countries), but what can be better than a real example that happened with you, right? Here is what happened with me recently.

On 9th January, my wife's car was parked in front of the building together with many other cars. And because this days was cold here, when she had to take my daughterto her dance classes, she asked Edelina(my 9 years old daugher) to go ahead and power the car so it to warm up a bit. Right after the key was turned, the car started movind by itself and hit the front car and pushing it farther they hit the second car. Of course my daugher got scared, but she turned the key off, closed the car, locked it, and started to return to the apprtment crying. I heared what she was talking while comming, looked over the wndow and saw the picture... Yeah.. it wasn't really bad, but tsill had to cost me. Because my girls was in a hurry and there wasn't the owners of that 2 cars any close, i took some papers and a pen. So after fixing the number on our car (it got broken) and letting my girls go, i wrote down my phone numbers and left then on the other 2 cars. You may imagine my feelings in that moment, right?
I will not tell that i remembered about Transurfingprinciples and started to not worry about it (even that i did exactly that) because you most probably will not believe me.
To be short, later, after talking with the owners of that cars and we, together with some other neighbours that was around, estimating the costs to repair, i had to pay 200 Euros (about $270) to the owner of the first car (it got biggest damages) and 500 lei (about $48) to the owner of the second car. The costs that i would need to have on my wife's car would be around 220 lei (about $21) for making a new number for the car and buying the plastic that hold the number. Plus later i will need to do something about a little scratch that appeared.
The rest of the day i calmed down my wife telling that all is fine and that anything is done is done for a good purpose even if we don't see it (you see my optimism, huh? hehe) and we even had a little nice dinner that evening with a family that came in visit. Even more, i started to pay more attention to Transurfingprinciples and started to use regularly the "amalgam" that "My world is taking care of me".
Based on one of my recent postyou may know that i was looking for some side projects. I started to look for some for quite time but wasn't getting anything till few days after that incident. And no, i didn't get it through this blog but through a site for freelancers. There was a proposal for a very short project with a $250 budget. I made my bid on $300 and in few hours i got my interview. And the next day, on 14th, i got confirmation that i got the job.
I would not pay attention to this and would not tie together this 2 things if only not the phone call that woke me up on 15 Jan. It was the guys i paid 200 Euro. He said we need to meet for 5 minutes, so we set a meeting in 1 hour. To say that this call was weird is to say nothing. The guy didn't leave a good impression and my wife knowing it supposed he may want some more money. But i had other opinion on the cause of this call and i was pumped about it. So i lowered down the importance of that my thoughts, repeated the "amalgam", dressed up and went to meet the guy. The meeting was short indeed. He returned me 400 lei (about $38) telling that the repairs costed him less and such a thing (the accident) may happen to anyone.
Was i surprised? Yes and no same time. Because the world DOES take care of me. Was i pleased? Yes i was. And i left a part of the joy energy to go out as a thx payment.
That morning call and the fact that the guy returned a part of the money (WHO NORMALLY WOULD DO SUCH A THING?!) put me on thoughts. If the fact that after long time seeking i got a short project just few days after the accident is just a coincidence, then the fact that the guy returned me a part of the money would be a VERY weird coincidence. And just so to make it three, here is another coincidence.

My spends on that accident:$270 + $48 + $21 = $339
The unexpected income i've got:$300 + $38 = $338And more, i pottentially have the possibility to get later projects from the guy i did that short job for.

Another weird coincidence? Maybe so, but i like to think that MY world is taking care of ME.

Anyway, for myself i got a demonstration that it really works. I knew about elements of it working from times loooong before i even heared about Reality Transurfing, but now i've got a demonstration that we can surf on the lines of good choses. So i plan on finishing listening the 6th book and so getting closer to the 9th one that is about real practice.

If anyone had similar situations, i would like to hear about that.

This post got to be quite long, so i am going to finish now, but not before i give you links to the english translations of the first 3 of this books:

  1. Reality Transurfing 1: The Space of Variations
  2. Reality Transurfing 2: A Rustle of Morning Stars
  3. Reality Transurfing 3: Ahead to the Past

Hope some of you guys find this interesting and so there will be interest in my future posts on this matter.