I am sure many of us heard and some even used services like AdSense, AdBrite, etc but i want to talk here about some others.

For begining let's start with WidgetBucks.

They heralds itself as the ultimate Google AdSense alternative. Publisher program inserts dynamic ads that cycle through products in real-time.
With WidgetBucks, your income structure is based on pay-per-click model, where you are paid for each click made on an ad by a legitimate website visitor. Their ads are shown as Adobe Flash widgets that are called by a JavaScript placed on your site. And the Adobe Flash of course make it look REALLY eye catching.
There doesn't seem to be a LOT of size options for the ads, but still there is fro where to make a choice.
If you find it interesting, go register and try WidgetBucks yourself.

I doubt any of us don't have a digital camera this days. Did you know you can make some money online with the pictures you took?
And example of such a site would be Fotolia. All you need to do is register, get approved, upload your photos and start earning on sales. Sound easy enough to me. So if you have photos you think may be sold, go try Fotolia.

And finally the 3rd option for today - Get Paid to Write!
Yes, you've read that correctly. If you are an active blogger, you can make money by writting posts. Interested? Then try it out!