After my last post on making a blog profitable i was thinking on ways to get profit from internet that is not a result of the day to day job. Have read in the week end lot of articles and blog posts related to this and came up with a list of ideas that may work (or may not). The only weak point is "free time" of course, but anyway i am going to start moving into this and see how things work out. And of course will try to blog periodically on what has been done and what the results was. Maybe this will help others too and/or maybe others will share what/if they are doing into this as well.
For beginning i spent some time last weekend with amazon web services and created this store as the first step into my journey. I see this one as 2 possibilities:
1) Getting profit from sales.
2) Making it available to others for some monthly amount as a service letting them have their own similar store.

For now it run only as simple store that show products from Amazon and ultimately lead the customer to Amazon for the real sale. You would ask why ever anyone would even try to buy from such a site instead of going directly to Amazon. Well... you never know That's the good point of internet. If/when your pages with products will appear in search results in good positions, you will get your traffic. I may tell it because i did it in the past and got to be even #1 in Yahoo/Google/MSN searches for many products.

Plus... consider this... imagine that more friends of yours (or say bloggers that you like) will have such stores and you will know about it. And say you want to buy something from Amazon. Wouldn't you consider buying it from someones "landing page" and so giving him some % from that sale just in respect for his/her person/work/etc? Exactly! I am sure some of us would do it.

But i like more the second idea and i am going to continue the work in order to achieve that point.
It would have also a backoffice where traffic details will can be seen and some stats. Also going to run from the "amazon only" products and ultimately make it as a "many in one" store where the products will be provided from more providers based on lowest price.
Some years ago i did such a thing between Overstock and Amazon and even run it a couple of months making around $700 monthly just in price differences but had to close it because some reasons that i couldn't help (primary being the fact that i am not USA based so it make a bit difficult to run such a thing from here and when my USA partner discontinued it i wasn't able to help it).

So... does anyone find anything of this interesting and maybe even good enough to participate in one or other way?

Let me know your thought, ideas, proposals by either commenting here or contacting me directly!

Stay tuned and soon read more on ways to make profit in internet.