The Mollom service will help you evaluate content quality, stop spam and lets you concentrate on building and improving your site. You can use Mollom for free and there was available Java, Ruby, Python, .NET and PHP5 implementations of the API and from now ..... i can hear the drums..... there is a ColdFusion implementation of Mollom API and so it become really easy to use it on your website if it uses ColdFusion.

From their website:
Top 5 benefits Top 5 features
  • Kills comment, contact form and registration form spam
  • Overall content quality improved
  • Burden of site moderation reduced
  • Faster community growth
  • It's FREE
Go here for all benefits.
  • State of the art text filtering and content analysis
  • Works with all languages
  • Image and audio CAPTCHA service
  • Detailed statistics
  • High-availability infrastructure
Go here for all features.

They have nice stats based on collected data and here are the live stats borrowed from their site (hope you guys at Mollom are ok wit this, if not, let me know and i will delete this stats from here):

Daily volume

The chart above depicts how much spam and ham (not spam) that Mollom processes on a daily basis.

World map of spam

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The above map shows the locations of website spammers across the globe.

MollomAPI offers the following methods:
  • getServerList - request a list of Mollom servers that can handle a site's calls
  • checkContent - it can be used to check if a comment is spam or not, and to get an assessment of its quality
  • sendFeedback - it tells Mollom that the specified message was spam or otherwise inappropriate for the reporting website
  • getImageCaptcha - generate an image CAPTCHA on the server-side
  • getAudioCaptcha - generate an audio CAPTCHA on the server-side
  • checkCaptcha - validate a visitor's CAPTCHA answer
  • getStatistics - retrieves usage statistics from Mollom
  • verifyKey - returns information about the status of a key

So... now you will ask what to do to can use all that beauty? I'll tell you...
  1. Register at Mollom
  2. Download the ColdFusion implementation of Mollom API
  3. ENJOY!!!!
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