"Smart Caching" is my try to make the caching process a little bit more inteligent and i've made it on the example of 1ssBlog. It allow the entries to be cached and de-cached automatically based on how often they are viewed.

How it work:
We set the period of time (1 day, 1 hour or 1 minute) and the number of unique views that should happen in that period of time in order the entry to get cached automatically.
So, if we set the period to 1 hour and the number of views to 30, then as soon as an entry will be viewd 30 times in a period of the specified length, the entry will get cached. But if after some time the entry will not get enough views in a period of specified length, the entry will de removed from the cache automaticaly.

Nice and easy, huh? But it make the caching process flexible.

I would like to hear of others think about it.