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Has passed some time since i last blogged about Reality Transurfing. It's not because it doesn't work obviously. It does, and very well. Anyway just found out that the first book Reality Transurfing 1: The Space of Variationsgot it's audio version(talking about English version here because in Russian all books on Reality Transurfingexist in audio version). So if you are like me and not really have time to read and listen audio books instead, then here is the link for you: Reality Transurfing Audio Book Vol.1 The Space Of Variations (MP3 Audio Book English) (CD-ROM)...

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Found a couple of pages translated into english. So, if someone is still thinking if to get or not into Transerfing of Reality, feel free to read thisfirst. And hereis some more on this. It's the chapter about Pendulums and i can assure you that it's worth reading. Also found a translated to english interview with Vadim Zeland (the one who wrote the books on Reality of Transerfinf):Q. Who is Vadim Zeland? When asked by the intrigued readers "Who are you, Vadim Zeland?", I usually reply "I'm no one (special)". My biography (life) cannot and should not be of any interest, as it was not me, who created Transurfing, I merely channel the ancient knowledge that gives access to a world in which the impossible becomes possible. If one follows certain rules, the usual reality stops being something completely external and uncontrollable, - one can learn to rule it! And to channel that knowledge without any personal distortions, I really ought to be "nobody", just "an empty vessel". The great ...

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NOTE: This info is for russian speaking crew. Monday, 5th October, a new webinar starts. It's called "Prokachka pozitiva" and you can register for it here: ...

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As answer to Isaac's comment on my previouspost about Reality Transerfing, i should say that Transerfing of Reality does have lot in common with "Law of Attraction"and there indeed are lot of parallels between Transerfing of Reality and Rhonda Byrne's "The Secret"film. You can find also similarities in Carlos Castaneda's "The Teachings of Don Juan", in Bible, Koran, Budhism, etc. Both religions and esoteric doctrines have differences, but they also have many similarities. Global universal laws are common for everyone and it doesn't matter what method/model/way you have chosen. Reality Transurfing is just one of them. But this teaching have no authorities, regulations and dogmas. Even the author of the books,Vadim Zeland, does not attribute himself to the authorship of Transerfing. In first book he tell that he just had a dream where somebody gave him first directions and placed deep in his head the knowledge and long time after that he was getting this knowledge out piece by piece. Yo...

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With this entry i plan to start a series of posts on Reality Transurfing. This is a way of looking at reality and creating your own reality. You ask what i've smoked? Good question. I didn't. I have been presented to it by my brother just few months ago and was lucky enough to know russian (the originl language this model was created in) and to find 9 books on Reality Transurfingin audio format (not much time for real reading so God Bless the one that invented audio books!!!). It took me some time to really start "reading" this books, but after i did i was like WOW!!!!! Maybe a big effect on me had the fact that lot of what was there i knew and was using for years, but Zeland (the author) did a great job on putting things together, finding examples, explaining everything very well and creating a "model". So... what is this Reality Transurfing about?Reality Transurfing presents an exciting new model by which we may better understand the way we can free ourselves from even the most powe...

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