I found a site that seem to return GEO IP information in a XML format without any registration, fees, etc. So, i made this quick function that being provided with an IP address will return all provided information.

<cffunction name="getIPInfo" output="yes" returntype="any">
   <cfargument name="ip" type="any" required="Yes">
   <cfset var cfhttp = "">
   <cfset var rez = "">
   <cfset var theXML = "">

   <cfhttp url="http://www.whois-api.com/?#IP#" method="GET" useragent="Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.2; en-US; rv: Gecko/20080404 Firefox/"/>
   <cfif IsXML(cfhttp.FileContent)>
      <cfset theXML = XMLParse(cfhttp.FileContent)>
      <cfset rez = StructNew()>
      <cfif not StructKeyExists(theXML, "ipdata")>
         <cfset rez.isError = 1>
         <cfset rez.message = cfhttp.FileContent>
         <cfset rez.isError = 0>
         <cfif StructKeyExists(theXML.ipdata, "ip")>
            <cfset rez.ip = theXML.ipdata.ip.XmlText>
         <cfif StructKeyExists(theXML.ipdata, "code")>
            <cfset rez.code = theXML.ipdata.code.XmlText>
         <cfif StructKeyExists(theXML.ipdata, "country")>
            <cfset rez.country = theXML.ipdata.country.XmlText>
         <cfif StructKeyExists(theXML.ipdata, "city")>
            <cfset rez.city = theXML.ipdata.city.XmlText>
         <cfif StructKeyExists(theXML.ipdata, "areacode")>
            <cfset rez.areacode = theXML.ipdata.areacode.XmlText>
         <cfif StructKeyExists(theXML.ipdata, "area")>
            <cfset rez.area = theXML.ipdata.area.XmlText>
         <cfif StructKeyExists(theXML.ipdata, "isp")>
            <cfset rez.isp = theXML.ipdata.isp.XmlText>
         <cfif StructKeyExists(theXML.ipdata, "organization")>
            <cfset rez.organization = theXML.ipdata.organization.XmlText>
         <cfif StructKeyExists(theXML.ipdata, "location")>
            <cfset rez.latitude = theXML.ipdata.location.mm.latitude.XmlText>
            <cfset rez.longitude = theXML.ipdata.location.mm.longitude.XmlText>
      <cfset rez = cfhttp.FileContent>
   <cfreturn rez>